Exe Valley Mission Community
The 9 parish churches

Every second month in the Exe Valley, the team work hard to produce our much loved magazine, which has regular updates from all the parishes, as well as the children's and youth groups. If you haven't received the latest edition, you can now download it, along with an archive of other recent editions, here on the website!

All the below downloads are in PDF format unless otherwise stated.

The latest Issue:

The latest issue can be downloaded here: December 2020 / January 2021.

A supplement for December/January 2020 can be downloaded here.

Alternatively you can view the magazine below:



Every year a team of people work together to help us provide a Today Magazine to each home in the Exe Valley. To help us do this, the editorial team ask that anything that is to be included be submitted by the dates below. Please note that if you wish information to be included in the round up for your village you may need to get that information in to your village's local magazine person at least a day prior to the dates shown below:


February / March Issue
Monday 13 January

April / May Issue
Monday 9 March
June / July Issue           
Monday 11 May

August / September Issue
Monday 13 July

October / November Issue     
Monday 14 September

December / January 2021 Issue
FRIDAY 6 November

Thank you.